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Browsing on Incognito - Private Mode

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Searching for a birthday present for a loved one? Purchasing secret stuff from a shared computer? Keeping your pron out for your self? :P  All these things you do - I know you don't want others to see what you've done, or let other people know that you visited these sites. :D
Good thing there's a solution for that, a browser feature called Incognito (Private browsing).

How to Access Incognito

Private Browsing on Mozilla Firefox

For starters, here is the way for your Mozilla Firefox.
Once you opened  your Mozilla Firefox application, press CTRL + SHIFT + P and it will take you to a new window, a browser that is the Private browsing mode section for Mozilla Firefox.
Still you might want to take a watch at this video for step by step procedures.

Google Chrome Incognito 

On the other hand, for Google Chrome users, simply click CTRL + SHIFT + N for the Incognito mode to be enabled. That's it, just like Firefox's private browsing. Still, we have this video to help you. :)

Opera Browser Private Browsing

Opera Browser also has the Private Browsing feature, but this time, when you enter CTRL + SHIFT + N, it will not open a new window, rather, it will open a new tab for you to browse there.

What files Incognito won't store for you?

Browse like a Boss! That's what being on Incognito mode has it for you. But, do you know what kinds of data your computer would be masking out for you? Well, the types of data that your browser won't store while in Private mode (Incognito) would be:

  • Browsing history - Records of URL visited will not be shared on history menu.
  • Passwords - No new passwords will be saved.
  • Download list - The files you downloaded from any sites won't be recorded; that means people won't know what file you downloaded and where you saved it.
  • Cookies - Cookies store information about websites you visit such as site preferences and login status. Cookies can also be used by third parties to track you across websites.
  • Forms and Search entries - No information will be stored on the computer when you enter something on a form or on a search engine.
  • Cache and offline user data - These caches are temporary and automatically saved data stored in your computer to fasten browsing when visiting for multiple times. However these data can also reveal the sites that you visited in your session.
"However, do note that bookmarks added while in private browsing mode would not be removed after disabling private mode. Also, downloaded files in privated mode will not be deleted automatically after disabling private mode."

How about you? When do you use Incognito (Private browsing)? =)

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