Monday, April 29, 2013 - Your Online Resume site LogoLooking for a job this summer? Want to increase your presence in nearby companies waiting for you? Well, fret not, here is one solution for you! :)

Today, we feature Jobs180, an online recruitment site, a simple but powerful tool to Job Seekers, Employers and School Partners.

Here is one promotional video you may want to take a look. :) Features

Create your own Resume Link

Resume Links nowadays pose a need in our modern world, with the growing population, the demand for jobs increasing. With Resume Links, you acquire an edge over co-applicants. Resume Links are resumes that can be viewed anytime, anywhere. What's more is that it can be easily shared by text, social media, or by word of mouth. 
  • With Jobs180, you can instantly create your resume on your own  URL for free.
  • Create a stylish cover page to show a dash of your personality. 
  • Highlight your credentials through a special Portfolio section where photographs, graphic design, music or video can be uploaded.
  • Easily share and access your resume anytime and anywhere.
Sample Resume link of jobs180

Matching Resume Intelligence

Matching resume intelligence - Job matches

MATRiX, short for Matching Resume Intelligence, is a system that uses for its job matching function. In the MATRiX system, key qualifications such as work specialization and study fields from our resumes are taken into consideration and are identified; MATRiX System matches it to the requirements of the job advertisement available.

About Jobs180

OUR MISSION cover image logoJob seeker empowerment: To empower job seekers to attain a better career by providing online tools to build a credible and impressive resume and market themselves effectively
Future-ready graduates: To prepare fresh graduates for employment by equipping them with the knowledge and skills to begin their career search successfully
Employer mobility: To mobilize the recruitment and HR processes of employers by providing online tools and database for them to source and manage job applications

For Job seekers, we provide next generation tools to build your online resume, create a cover page to brand yourself and a customized URL (ResumeLink) to easily share your resume.
For Employers, we provide a CareerSite to feature your job vacancies and a resume management system (TeRA) to store and manage the job applications you get, all at the most competitive industry pricing and value.
For Schools, we provide a free career orientation program (Marketing Me), a dedicated CareerPortal to provide internship and entry level jobs and access to the Gateway system to support graduates tracer study initiatives. Homepage Homepage

Interesting right? Create your own ResuméLink now ( Take it as an example, I made my ResumeLink Works pretty handy when applying for jobs. :)

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